When you read your child a story, you create a reader for life.

Reading can help in creating long lasting values!


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Storytime is a wonderful childhood memory. Being tucked safely into bed, and reading a storybook that takes us on adventures. The world seems like it is waiting to be discovered, and we were the explorers.

Today's parents want to bring that magic to their children. We hope our children get to experience the joy of stories more often. 

When you read our child a story, you create an avid observer

When you read, children pick on the nuances of our voice and expression. They feel anticipation and surprise. And when you laugh together at a humorous story, you build a bond of simple delight. Children become more attuned to the details of a story. Books become their friends for all time to come.

Your stories help develop their language skills and more!

Reading one storybook a day introduces your kid to 78,000 new words in a year! Through stories, children come across specific names for different plants or animals and appropriate adjectives and verbs. They all add up in your child’s vocabulary and language skills. Your child learns  to express themselves better.

When you land up on the new words and find an accompanying question on your kid’s face… try introducing that word in your everyday conversations. Have fun!

Learning can happen by itself.

Children overflow with curiosity and imagination. They are so intuitive during their early years of learning that they put information together quickly and naturally. Stories are perfect catalysts during these formative years. They make learning effortless and fun. They engage children, boost their language skills, and help develop their individual self-expression.

So, find a cosy chair, curl up with your child, and read one of our thoughtfully curated storybooks!

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