Crafting Joy with Craftoys

Jumbaya’s approach with Craftoys came from the idea that ‘Every Toy has a Story’ and ‘Every Story has a Toy.’


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Come what may, nothing can take the place of the timeless and invaluable tool that has been shaping young minds for generations– a toy. Beyond their primary function as sources of entertainment, toys have the incredible potential to become integral components of storytelling, fostering creativity, imagination, and cognitive development in children. Engaging children in do-it-yourself (DIY) paper crafts not only unleashes their creativity but also provides many other benefits. 

Toys serve as tangible representations of characters, allowing children to interact with their favourite story elements in a three-dimensional space. By incorporating toys into storytelling, kids can bring their favourite characters to life, stimulating their imaginations and creating a deeper connection to the narrative.

Jumbaya’s approach with Craftoys came from the idea that ‘Every Toy has a Story’ and ‘Every Story has a Toy.’ In simple terms, we were committed to bring important characters, objects and instances from our stories to life. And what better way to do this than to create an experience for children where they can watch their own creation bring the story to life.

These Craftoys represent important characters, objects and instances from the story. High quality, non toxic material is used to create the kit. The making of a Craftoy is sure to increase a child’s:

- Motor skills

- Aid cognitive development 

- And foster creative thinking

The making of a Craftoy is an experience that covers 'Read' , 'Make' and 'Play!'

1. Child safe

The Craftoy kits contain pre-cut and pre-creased paper pieces that are folded and stuck to create the final toy. No scissors are required in this process and the child can safely explore and enjoy the process. 

2. The Art of Folding

Introduce your child to the basic techniques of folding paper. Folding is a meditative and satisfying activity for kids. This activity is also a stress-buster and helps provide a calm experience to kids.

3. Sticking it Together

Armed with folded pieces, children stick them together. Child-friendly glue works best to avoid any mess. This stage of the process enhances hand-eye coordination and concentration as children carefully assemble their creations.

4. Interactive Playtime

The true joy of DIY paper toys is the playtime that follows. Watch your child to engage in imaginative play with their newly made Craftoys. Whether they stage a mini-theater production or create a whole world for their characters, the possibilities are as boundless as their imagination.

7. Showcasing and Celebrating Creations

You may create a dedicated space to showcase your child's paper toy masterpieces. This can be a corner of their room, a display board, or even a DIY art gallery. Celebrate their achievements, fostering a sense of pride in their creative endeavours, this will motivate and inspire them. 

Craftoys bring a burst of creativity and joy into a child's world. As children engage in this simple yet fulfilling craft, they not only create tangible works of art but also develop essential skills such as fine motor coordination, patience, and imaginative thinking. So, roll up your sleeves, dive into the world of Craftoys, and watch as your child's creativity takes flight with each fold and stick. Happy crafting!

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