There’s science behind every Jumbaya story.


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Stories shape our minds. Therefore, stories crafted for children should be educational and responsibly crafted alongside being entertaining and fun. In this blog, we delve into the educational research and expert validation behind crafting short stories for kids. 

The science behind creating healthier mindsets.

Our stories promote diversity and inclusion. They avoid biases and stereotypes of gender, race, or religion. 

The science behind boosting language skills.

Jumbaya's storybooks use SLS (Same Language Subtitling) to highlight the words on the page as they are narrated. This helps children associate the way words are spelled with their pronunciation, boosting their phonetic and verbal development. It is recommended by experts in early learning. 

The science behind discovery.

Our stories encourage the natural curiosity and drive for exploration innate in every child. They introduce children to a diverse cast of characters, in a variety of settings and cultures, navigating a wide range of situations. Most importantly, they introduce children to the power of their own imagination, to the question 'What if?'

The science behind bonding.

Sharing bedtime stories, or reading a storybook together at any time of the day, is a bonding activity that children can enjoy with their family. Apart from reading with their parents or grandparents, Jumbaya stories are also great for classroom or peer interaction.

The educational research and expert validation behind Jumbaya's story-crafting methods makes them the ideal kids' stories to support early reading habits. By creating immersive, imaginative experiences through its stories, Jumbaya provides an opportunity for children to learn and grow, holistically.

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