Here’s how to make your child’s screentime productive and meaningful.


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Advertisements bombard us everywhere we go. From TV screens, computers, mobile phones, tablets in our hands, dashboard devices in our cars, to even smartwatches in our hands! The invasion is total; we cannot now wish it away. We cannot hide our children… we can only minimize their screen time and improve the quality of exposure.

Quality Screen time?

That's where Jumbaya comes in.

For early readers of ages 2-8 years, Jumbaya’s  storybooks combine the educational value of a book with the immersive power of an animated video.

They carry an easy ‘read-along’ feature that is learning and fun rolled into one. They include  SLS (Same Language Subtitling with highlighted text) --- proven to help early reading skills. With original music and sound effects, the stories come alive.

Reading to children is a head start parents can give their children, and it should be a part of their daily routine. But one cannot always make time for it. Jumbaya is happy to do that job for you.

Storybooks optimised for early readers

Jumbaya’s storybooks are designed smartly, factoring in the comprehension abilities of early readers. They unfold at a carefully devised pace. The animation is kept simple to avoid overstimulation, and to avoid taking attention away from the words. Text and visual matches are underscored with visual and sound effects, followed by optimum pauses allowing children to absorb the meaning holistically. We have designed our narrative style after deep research into children’s cognition, and it is validated by experts in the field of early reading.

Healthy storytime for children

We have zero tolerance for biases of gender, colour, race, or religion and stereotyping notions ever creeping into our stories. Our panel of behavioural experts and thinkers work closely with our teams to identify and weed out such references in stories that have existed for time immemorial. If needed, we recraft them to suit healthier sensibilities.

Exposure to diversity opens minds. Jumbaya’s storybooks feature stories and cultures from all around the world, and contain themes of empathy and acceptance.


Jumbaya is a completely ad-free and curated story platform. Your kids can enjoy reading our storybooks without ever stumbling across undesirable interruptions or inappropriate ads. 

Quality screen time is a storytime that becomes a co-parent along with you

Most of us could claim the title of being ‘The Best Ever’ in something or the other. But few would say they are the best ever parents. That’s because we think we could always do better! That’s how precious our kids are. Every day, before we become Jumbaya, we are parents first. We are always improving our stories and content to be the best available for your children.

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