5 reasons why Jumbaya will warm a parent's heart.

Kids become the stories they read! Jumbaya brings the best stories from the world over


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The problem with finding good stories for children is the problem of plenty. You never know if you have found the right one! “Are these stories any good? Do they contain any harmful influences? How do I find the good ones in the zillion search results I have drawn?!”

We set out to solve this problem. And Jumbaya was born.

We are a one-stop source for thoughtfully crafted storybooks for children. We preserve innocence, engage curiosity and fuel imagination. Our curated storybooks foster early reading habits in children and introduce them to the joy of reading.

Here are 5 good reasons why you need to bring Jumbaya into your family

1. Socially conscious storybooks

Team Jumbaya is particularly conscious of how our stories impact their young readers. We craft them responsibly.. Jumbaya's stories will never carry biases of gender, colour, race, or religion. Our words and visuals will never promote stereotypes or prejudices.   

2. Learning made effortless and spontaneous

Our storybooks have an easy ‘read-along’ feature to help develop reading skills.We follow a scientifically proven method of SLS (Same Language Subtitling) to present word and pronunciation matches. The pace at which the stories unfold is optimised -- as advised by experts in the field of early reading.

3. Craft activities for practical learning outcomes

The characters and settings in a story captivate a child's imagination and inspire them to make some magic of their own. We have DIY crafts associated with several stories. . Besides taking the story experience further, our craft kits help develop motor skills. Children have the chance to create something with their own hands.

4. Jumbaya will soon be the world's largest online library of children's storybooks

New stories are released every week, across genres such as values, life skills, folk tales, animals, fantasy, history,  science, and more! Our collection is expanding even as you read this. 

5. Experts craft our stories

Visuals. Words. Animation. Music. And programming. All the crafting happens end-to-end and in-house at Jumbaya by trained and experienced professionals, as well as consultants in early education and child psychology. The creative process is holistic and better integrated for putting out a quality product. Our story smiths – writers, illustrators, artists, and engineers are folk in creative overdrive. Lots of coffee mugs! Lots of epiphanies as talent meets child-like enthusiasm!

Jumbaya works with parents, teachers, and experts in the field of early education to craft an exemplary story-telling ethic for children. We delve into the science of ‘read-along’ stories to explore their benefits for early reading skills. We make meaningful screen time. Language and Visual Communication Experts identify and weed out the possibilities of harmful biases and limiting stereotypes (that often plague stories and other media, unintentionally or otherwise). We deep dive into thought and craft, becoming better storytellers every day.

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