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An exclusive 3-month program, with 24 unique picture books sent to you, that will ignite & foster critical observation, creativity, language, and storytelling skills in your child: one-page-turn at a time.

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Critical observation, creativity and powerful storytelling are 3 important skills needed for success. 🌟

It’s time to tickle the “right brain” where all these characteristics are housed. 

At JrShakespeare, we believe that every child is a born storyteller. Our unique 3-month program, tailored for young minds aged 5 to 9, is designed to ignite critical observation, unleash creativity and foster a lifelong love for literature through the art of storytelling in children.

Enroll your child today and witness their stories come to life! Set them up for success.

📚 Program overview : A step-by-step adventure in storytelling

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🌈 Weeks 1-2: Discovering Endings and Beginnings
  • What You Get: 4 captivating storybooks (10-20 pages each), filled with enchanting illustrations and engaging narratives.
  • Your Child's Challenge: Imagine alternative endings and beginnings. How would they twist the tale?
A girl examines dots with a magnifying glass
🎭 Weeks 3-4: Crafting the Finale
  • What You Get: 4 new storybooks, with the final pages left to your child's imagination. View sample book (digital copy) >
  • Your Child's Challenge: Devise their own endings. What happens next in these tales?
A boy reading a book, who suddenly has an idea
🚀 Weeks 5-6: Creating the Start
  • What You Get: 4 new storybooks beginning with intriguing picture pages.
  • Your child's challenge: Invent original beginnings. How did the story start?
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🎨 Weeks 7-8: Filling the Middle
  • What You Get: 4 new storybooks with the middle chapters as blank canvases.
  • Your Child's Challenge: Weave the central part of the stories. What adventures lie in these pages?
A girl examines dots with a magnifying glass
🧩 Weeks 9-10: Connecting the Dots
  • What You Get: 4 new storybooks with random picture pages.
  • Your Child's Challenge: Bridge the narrative gaps. How do these pieces fit together?
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🌟 Weeks 11-12: The Ultimate Storyteller
  • What You Get: 4 new, completely picture-based storybooks.
    View sample book (digital copy) >
  • Your Child's Challenge: Craft entire stories from scratch. A full display of their storytelling prowess!

🌈 Why choose JrShakespeare?

Personalised reports with feedback:
Each story submission receives individualised comments to guide your child’s growth.
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  • Foster creativity:
    Encourage imaginative thinking and creative expression.

  • Build confidence:
    Develop storytelling skills in a supportive, engaging environment.

  • Enhance communication:
    Improve language abilities through fun, interactive storytelling.

  • Join a Community:
    Be part of a vibrant community of young storytellers and supportive parents.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What age group is the JrShakespeare program designed for?
    The program is specifically tailored for children aged 5 to 9 years. We focus on this age group to ensure the content and activities are developmentally appropriate and engaging for young storytellers.
  2. What does the program include, and how is it structured?
    Our 3-month program is divided into 2-week sprints, each focusing on different aspects of storytelling. Every two weeks, participants receive 4 storybooks with varying levels of textual and pictorial content, designed to stimulate creativity and narrative skills. The program culminates in a final project where children create their own story.
  3. How does JrShakespeare support children's learning and creativity?
    We encourage imagination and creativity by providing storybooks that progressively challenge children to invent different story elements. Personalised feedback from our facilitators further nurtures their storytelling abilities, helping to build confidence and improve language skills.
  4. What is the role of facilitators in the program?
    Facilitators are experienced educators who review each child's submissions and provide constructive feedback. They are instrumental in guiding the children’s storytelling development, offering encouragement and suggestions for improvement.
  5. How much does the program cost, and what does the fee cover?
    The program costs $495 for the full 3 months. This fee includes all storybooks, shipping costs, access to our digital storytelling platform, personalised feedback from facilitators, and support from the JrShakespeare team.
  6. What if my child misses a submission deadline?
    We understand that flexibility is important. If your child misses a deadline, simply let us know. We’ll work with you to find a solution that ensures your child can continue to participate and enjoy the full benefits of the program.

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